Directors Statement

Two years ago, I received a phone call from Mick Rocks.

“I hear you’re a director. I have this script my business partner and I want to make and we need a good director.”
This is always a great start to a conversation.
“That’s great. What’s it about?”
I’m not into horror films, maybe some of the classic cheesy horror flicks and some of the more clever thrillers, but Zombie horror is not my thing. Then he continued.
“It’s about a Zombie trying to get his SAG card.”

I read the script and was happy to find heart, humor and a pinch of horror. I knew it would be difficult to accomplish on the small budget, but not impossible.
We assembled a cast and crew of talented professionals from our collective contacts in the industry, and went to work. Were it not for the dedication of our wonderful New Mexico team, this movie would have fallen flat. Instead, the story pops to life.

I am proud of this offbeat little movie we’ve made, where the world we know morphs to include fantastical creatures. This is a movie about the villains and underdogs, all the ones with a bad reputation, who we discover, aren’t actually that bad as a whole. Weren’t Zombies and Vampires once human? Don’t werewolves run in packs and nurture their offspring? Maybe our common thread, undead or living, is that we all want to have a place in this world. We all desire to be recognized for our abilities and treated with respect. Zombiewood gives these outcasts their voice, the voice that says, “we are not so different from you. Zombies are people too.”




There is a certain horror to awakening to the fact that you are now a zombie. What do you do with your “undead” life? One zombie, Harry, thinks he has the answer – get a SAG card! While the world in general has little use for zombies, there is one industry where they fit in very well – Hollywood!

Harry has organized his fellow zombies to be extras in the endless stream of zombie flicks being filmed and the producers love it – they save tons on not having to pay for makeup artists and special effects. Yet Harry wants more for himself and his zombie co-workers, a sense of legitimacy, recognition… and purpose. He realizes to do this he needs to get into the Screen Actors Guild – then he will have some real power behind him. But as he works towards this “higher ” purpose he finds that in Hollywood there are horrors well beyond what even he could imagine.